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The smart way to manage your data
FNS is the business partner for your data management

FNS Solutions

Are you looking for a tailor-made automation solution?


Are you looking for a complete system or a partial solution for your company?


Our automation solutions are always at the service of your business processes (customization) and have an integral character.


Accuracy of the data and an adequate data management system ensure consistent business operations and ensure that you can do business successfully and more profitably.


Our Business Consultants are happy to tell you about our unique approach.

FNS Insights

Would you like to have correct and up-to-date steering information?


Correctly unlocking the data and transforming it into information is an art in itself. In order to respond quickly and adequately to the rapidly changing environment, you need real-time management information.


In our FNS Insights Center, Business Intelligence solutions are designed for you by our own BI Consultants.

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Who are we
Casual zakelijke bijeenkomst
Who are we?
FNS is the specialist in the field of data management.

FNS - abbreviation for fines

fines - very small valuable particles found in (gold) mining

And just like mining, the trick is to mine the very data that will give you benefits.


Our unique approach and services are aimed at helping companies in the transition from data burden to a data-driven organization. FNS's service portfolio focuses on processing, keeping up-to-date, storing, securing and unlocking the right data.

Our vision
Data is the new gold


Data has become one of the most important assets of organizations, at least as important as capital or employees. Because if data is related to each other and can be interpreted in the right way, meaningful information can be obtained from data.


But the amount of data is increasing in almost every organization and organizations would therefore do well to control and professionalize data flows.

As a result, the importance of data management is increasing significantly.

Het analyseren van de gegevens

the Marvin way to manage your dates

FNS is the business partner for your data management


Our platform Marvin as the solution for your process processing and data management.

Marvin offers integration of various process functionalities and a user-friendly interface

  • Workflow management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Business Intelligence


Phone: +31 85 401 7337


New Eyckholt 282

6419DJ Heerlen

the Netherlands

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